Nike 97 Silver Bullet

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Nike 97 Silver Bullet

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It aims to promote the 360-degree cool and breathable running, a kind of healthy and active lifestyle to be developed and popularized in domestic area. The running conference of 360-degree cool breath of Adidas drew its curtain with a promotion video that was shot collectively by some famous people, such as David Beckham who is a international superstar, Derrick Rose who is "the most valuable player" of NBA, Ligonier Massey who is the "footballer in the year", Zou Shiming who is the Olympic "Asia boxing champion" as well as Katie Perry who is a pop diva. The fresh breeze running shoes of Colima Cool have been highly recommended by Zou Shiming and Yao Chen these two stars at the conference. Even if facing the challenge that the running shoes were frozen, they also tried without hesitation.

Clothing, indefinitely tell a lot about the people, so are shoes. I formed a habit that sees an attractive women jogging on the street. Most guys will check out body, eyes, the teeth, the face…, I particularly Nike 97 Black be interested in their shoes This is also the same to those men walking on the road, shoes always be more interesting to me. Many people may think that I am so dirty, but I have my own reason for that. Shoes can say a lot about the people. Shoes attract people's attention and will cost more than clothes. Buying a suit from store will usually not be too a big deal. Even power suits for working in the office. The clothes is cheaper due to the reason that clothes Kuva are more easier to be produced and easy procedures.