In A Game As Big And Complex As PoE It's Inevitable

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In A Game As Big And Complex As PoE It's Inevitable

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This turns it into a deliberate grind to find all the trials. It leaves the RNG as still quite frustrating because it would just seem like an charging etiquette to be able to spawn a trial on demand but not control the type. You'd run it 30 times in a row sighing in exasperation when you don't find the 6th one again; the uncertainty of the next trial possibly being the one you need driving you to try again only to curse your luck if it doesn't happen. It's an Unsatisfying play loop to devolve the mechanism into a dedicated grind rather than an incidental grind like it poe currency trade is.

It makes the trials into an annoyance that you just have to camp out to overcome, breaking the intended immersion they are charged to bring. Bypassing in-game mechanisms that support the game's play experience cheapens the gameplay. In a game as big and complex as PoE it's inevitable, but it doesn't mean it shouldn't be improved where possible.

Path of Exile is a shining example of free to play done right, with the vast, vast majority of microtransactions focusing completely on cosmetics. It also hits 4K60 on Xbox One X, which few games can claim, and is frequently updated with new features, Such as the Incursion league.

It would probably make more sense if the endgame labyrinth trials were quests that appeared on the Atlas, and then maybe there would be specific (randomly selected) maps of specific tiers that correspond to specific trials, going up to like Tier 10 or maybe a little High depending on how they want to balance it. This would give a natural progression to when players might be ready for the eternal labyrinth, while still allowing players who want to ascend immediately to poe currency purchase the trials via partying.

It would actually be really nice if there were a labyrinth NPC that gave you these quests, including the ones for Acts 1-10, because a lot of new players definitely pass over the labyrinth trials and the quest tracker for the Labyrinth quest only appears when You're in Sarn Encampment or a story zone with the relevant trial.